I won't copy/paste his response or anything like that, but I already got a reply from Zillix and he told me I could make gameplay videos using Endeavor. I'll be making video guides and a review of Endeavor soon, and I'll also be checking out his other games. He told me that the music was made by someone else, Hermtheworm, and that he's selling the soundtrack of Endeavor for $5 right now. I may buy that for my own listening pleasure, but for now I intend to just stick to gameplay-related videos.

Also, he gave me the link to a newer website with more updated games, including one he recommended called Terminus, which he says is similar to Endeavor, as it has multiple endings. I haven't played it yet, but I have looked at it and Terminus seems similar in art style. Here's the site:


And I found, from his old site (http://zillix.webs.com/) that he uses a certain program to make his games. Flixel is its name, and if I like it I may actually make Newgrounds games myself. I'll give you any updates on all of what I discussed later.

Endeavor: holy shit, what a great game

2012-07-29 14:39:43 by cringerplay

So I've been playing Endeavor a lot recently, and I've beaten it five times now.

And I might wanna make video guides and Let's Plays of it.

I don't know about that, yet, but I have sent a message to Zillix, the maker of Endeavor, asking for his permission and asking where I can go to download the music from the game so I don't have to record the music straight from the game.

While I wait for a reply, I wrote up a small guide on how to get the medals from Endeavor. Here they are:

Story Medals
Endeavor: complete the tutorial.
-The easiest and first medal in the game. Simply progress through the beginning area (don't forget to grab the mushroom if you want a free endurance fruit later on) and fall down to the temple of Malor to unlock this medal.

Hero: beat the game by climbing up the mountain.
-After you get the gloves, parachute and almost all of the endurance fruit, you can go up the snowy mountain, climb the side of the huge mountain to the west and make your way back home. When you get to the chest, take your reward and jump off the mountain again and you win the game.

Pawn: beat the game by collecting gems for Malor and riding the beam of light he summons back home.
-Just collect at least ten gems (there's eleven in all) and make your way to the temple. Ride the big yellow beam of light back home and get to the chest. After you get the item within, Malor will talk to you and you win without having to jump back down.

Savage: beat the game by killing ten people and trading their souls to a monster for a teleport back home.
-After getting the parachute, go back up to the surface, go right to the screen after the pillars, and make your way to the small climbable area at the end of that screen. Glide from the top to the left, and climb up from there to top of that rock, where you'll find a lightning rod. Kill ten people by using the rod (hold Z) until they turn into a floating soul, then collect ten of those souls (twenty for another medal) and go west until you reach the mountain again. Go down, into the caves, and find the monster that will teleport you home for ten souls. Make the trade and go back, get the prize in the chest and jump off the mountain again to win and unlock this medal.

Forevor Endeavor: get the Hero, Pawn and Savage endings.
-Just beat the game three times, each time unlocking a new ending. Make sure to beat them all on Newgrounds. When you beat the game the third time, both that medal and this medal will unlock.

Collection Medals
Glutton: collect 10 endurance fruits.
-Just collect the fruits as you progress through the game. You can't win without getting at least ten of these.

Infamous: kill five creatures and collect their souls.
-After unlocking the lightning rod (See the Savage medal guide for more info), go around and kill any five creatures you want. Don't forget to collect their souls.

Antibiotic: kill twenty creatures and collect their souls.
-Continue killing creatures (see the Infamous and Savage medal guides) until you hit twenty. Press P in-game to see how many souls you have. Don't forget to collect their souls after killing them.

Smell The Roses: wilt 100 flowers.
-Whenever you see a flower, run to it and touch it. Not only will this allow you to keep track of where you are and where you've already been, it will also lead towards this medal pretty early on if you collect all of the ones you come across. Don't forget: the cave and underwater plants count, too.

Florist: wilt 300 flowers.
-After reaching your 100 flower milestone (see the Smell The Roses medal guide), continue touching all flowers you see. It gets really easy when you get the parachute, as there's many flowers in the pillar area that are easy to get to with gliding abilities. Don't forget: the cave and underwater plants count, too.

Only The Strongest: Max out the endurance bar.
-The easiest (possibly only) way to get this is in the Savage playthrough, as you get endurance each time you collect a soul. Just make sure that's what you're going for (See the Savage guide) and you'll be fine.

Overachiever: collect all 11 gems.
-There are ten gems required to beat the game using Malor's help (see the Pawn guide), but there are actually 11 gems. If you don't want to be told where they are, just continue in the game until you get to the water, then go down and right to find a pearl. Go west, to the snowy mountains and give the pearl to a woman who will give you a Detector, an object that will point you to the closest gem in the area.

Here's their locations (note that this isn't a playthrough guide, just their locations):

1. Starting at the temple when you finish the tutorial (See the Endeavor medal guide). go West and take the path down, to the caves. Continue left, over a gap, and go up when you can't go left anymore. You're now back in the snowy mountain area. Go up and right to see the first gem. Make sure to go left and up to get the boots.
2. From there, go back into the caves. Go down and to the left until you make your way to a big room. Get to the left and down to find the second gem.
3. Now that you have those two, and the boots, leave the caves and climb up the snowy mountain, and go up and left (don't leave this area) until you find the third gem.
4. Now go right, past the temple, and now you're in the ocean area. Climb up until you're at the top of this cliff area, grabbing the flippers. Now go down and find the fourth gem.
5. Go underwater and to the right. Go through the small opening to the left and down to find the fifth gem.
6. Keep going down, then left, staying at the bottom. Jump out of the water and into the caves. Go forward, up when you can, and go forward to grab the gloves. Now go right a bit, then climb up to get the sixth gem. You're most of the way done now.
7. Leave the ocean and go right, to the pillar area. Go forward and down the hole. Go right and down, in between the two monsters. There are three dropping points. Take the left dropping point, then the right one, then left again. Go down and grab the 7th gem. Don't forget the parachute.
8. Drop down and go left, up the ladders. Leave the cave and make your way p the pillars until you're at the top of one. Glide from pillar to pillar by jumping and holding X, then make your way to the last pillar to the left, where the 8th gem awaits.
9. Go right again, to a new area, and glide over the gap. Just keep going forward to the volcano. Climb up the volcano and drop down the hole by the guy and unreachable endurance fruit. Glide to the left and land on the platform. Glide right and land there. Glide left again, and then glide right a second time. Go forward instead of gliding down again and find the 9th gem in a big, rocky statue.
10. From here, glide left until you're in the middle area of the room, then stay there as you glide until you see a torch-looking thing. Land there and you'll find that the torch is actually your 10th gem. Weird. Now you can either go back and make your way home for the Pawn ending or get the 11th gem.
11. For the final gem, go right and leave the volcano area. Now you're in a forest. Go right until you're near a cave, then climb up. Climb to the top, then glide left. Glide again to reach the rope, then climb up and make your way up and to the right. The topmost cavern to your right will have your final gem.

And that's it. Thanks for reading, and if you need help with the map, here's a picture Zillix uploaded of the entire wold map:
http://art.ngfiles.com/images/110/zillix_endeavo r-map.png

Also, here's a map I made using his map. It has the items, people to give items to, gems and endurance fruits marked by color. I may make a better map later, but for now there you go.
http://i57.photobucket.com/albums/g231/darkonepc r/zillix_endeavor-map.png

Tell me what you think of the guide, my map and Zillix's game in general. Thanks for reading!

So I've been sorting through my computer

2012-07-28 15:58:48 by cringerplay

And I've been finding a lot of amazing pictures of girls that just make me wanna sit and stare at them.

The common themes seem to be pale skin and huge eyes. I'm okay with this. If I find more, I'll post them here, too, but here's three amazing pictures.

The first one is of actress Michelle Trachtenberg, who you'll remember if you watched Buffy or Eurotrip. She's sexy in a lot of her pictures, but here she's just something else.

http://i57.photobucket.com/albums/g231/dark onepcr/new%20stuff/MichelleTrachtenberg.jpg

The second one, which is my personal favorite, is of Deviantart model NemoValkyrja. Honestly, I spend over an hour looking for a name when I found this pic, and I'm completely fine with how sad that sounds.

http://i57.photobucket.com/albums/g231/dark onepcr/new%20stuff/NemoValkyrja.jpg

And the third one I just found today. She's model Rebecca Shore, and she looks really different in her regular pictures. Normally she has that ratlike face that some people hate and others like myself find oddly attractive, but here it's nothing like that.

http://i57.photobucket.com/albums/g231/dark onepcr/new%20stuff/RebeccaShore.jpg

And there you go. I'll make sure to only post girls I know the identities or online handles of if you want to look them up. Also, here's the sources of Nemo and Rebecca:


Rebecca Shore:

Also, yes, I know that my old Photobucket account is awful. If you wanna see some stupid shit I used to think was funny, then go at it. The last time I touched it until today was when I messed around on Gaia Online.

Back to Newgrounds

2012-07-25 15:15:12 by cringerplay

It's been a while since I had a Newgrounds account. I've finally come back and think I'll throw this into my bunch of sites I frequent.

The Cringer Network, as it's now been referred to a total of one times, has lots of shit already, from the basic sites like Youtube to these gems:

-First Showing: a great movie news site.
-Destructoid: gaming news made by the people who produce the tri-weekly Destructoid show.
-All Games Beta: another gaming news site that tends to have less news but more exclusive stories.
-What Would Tyler Durden Do: mostly celeb news with a funny douche writing the articles.
-Rooster Teeth: shitloads of content here run by the guys who make Red VS Blue
-Bleacher Report: sports site I go to for their WWE articles
-Wrestlezone: a wrestling news site

And now Newgrounds will be part of that list.

I also make Youtube videos, or at least I did. I'm thinking of making videos again, mainly about video games, and whenever I upload a video I'll make a post to let everyone know.

Also I found a creepy-looking picture and spend ten minutes modifying it to make sense related to my use name. It was the picture over a series of stories about bugs (I was looking for pics related to the word 'cringe', not bug tales), and was so bad that I had to use it. It was pretty easy getting rid of the word 'that', and now I think it looks pretty good.

So that's it for now. Any updates on projects or whatever will be uploaded here. Also, some VERY poor drawings I made in Flash will be up in a bit.

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